‚ÄčThe Delta College Program (Distinctive Education with Leadership Training Advantages) is a very unique program to Brockport and to the nation.  It is an accelerated honors program geared to collaborative learning and emphasizes group projects/discussion, creativity, writing, presentation abilities and internships.  It combines all of the general education classes into a handful of co-op based seminars enabling students to potentially graduate in three years or double/triple major within four years.  Delta College classes involves lively, engaged debates, class discussion, group projects, presentations, hands on activities and opportunities to "think outside of the box."  Professors encourage and engage students to use their creativity and to think in a logical and ethical manner.  Delta College is a very practical approach to prepare a student for the life after graduation. Delta College was one of the reasons that Paul attended Brockport, and because of its small size of only 60 students per entering year, it provides ample opportunity to build camaraderie, network and make long lasting friends.  

Delta College Advantage

Delta College also pays special attention to career preparation, therefore, Delta College requires students to perform a series of three internships: one 120 credit hour, local internship the first year to get a sense of the job that the student wishes to pursue, one 120 credit hour, national internship the second year to perform work specific to the students' major and future employment, and a capstone experience the third year, usually international, to broaden the overall student in both educational and cultural experiences.

The Delta College Mission Statement is as follows:

The mission of Delta College is to offer students a transformative educational experience centered on critical thinking, creative expression, experiential learning, and reflection, and independent and collaborative research.

We challenge our students to learn and demonstrate the intellectual, technical, and interpersonal competencies they need for purposeful careers and contributive lives.

Thus equipped, our graduates will turn knowledge into wisdom, compassion into community, and understanding into practice.