London, England

During Summer 2009, Paul traveled to London, England as a study abroad opportunity to complete an internship.  His internship focused on management for Parliamentary events.

In addition, Paul was able to meet some great friends from both London and the US.  He was able to travel throughout London and see all of the great sites such as the Tower of London, Greenwich (zero degree longitude), Tower Hill, Parliament, Big Ben, the British Museum, West Minster Abby, various parks, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, National History Museum, Madame Tussauds, London Eye, Abbey Road as well as many markets and musicals.

He was also very fortunate to travel to Windsor Castle, Bath, Oxford University and Stonehenge.  He was able to explore Paris, France; Dublin, Ireland; Venice, Vatican City, and Rome, Italy. 

In addition, Paul kept a running blog of his travels, and daily journals of his activities and thoughts.  Take a look and follow his blog and see the RSS feed to the right.  

Overall, the experience was life changing and he hopes to have the opportunity to visit again. Below is a preview of some of the pictures from his travels!


During Winter 2009, Paul traveled with a select group of students from the other 64 colleges and universities of the SUNY System to be guests of the Chinese government for a month.  This act of gratitude was because of the generosity of the State of New York for hosting Chinese students of the Sichuan Provence during a major earthquake.  

Paul was able to explore the city of Beijing, the Olympic Village, the Science & Technology Museum, the Confucius Institute, tour the Beijing & Tsinghua Universities, visit the 798 Arts Center, the infamous Silk Market, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and Great Hall, and Chairman Mao's Memorial.  He was also able to walk the Great Wall of China and see a Kung Fu Show.  

Paul then traveled to the Chengdu and Sichuan Provences where he was able to interact with some students at Southwest Jiaotong University and meet with the Department of Education.  He was able to also see the Changing Faces Opera.  He then toured the Panda Reserve, learned T'ai chi and calligraphy, explored Jingli Market and Chunxi Road, toured the Sanxingdui Museum, visited the Dujiangyam Dam, Sleeping & Giant Buddha, and climbed E'mei Mountain.  He was also fortunate to give multiple speeches to help foster a better relationship between the education systems of the US and China.   

It was definitely a very enjoyable and educational experience.

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